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Mohammad-Hadi Saeed Modaghegh

in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 

Mashhad Medical Sciences
Mashhad Medical Sciences
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General information

Name and surname : Mohammad-Hadi Saeed Modaghegh Research categories : educational academic staff
Academic rank : Professor Last educational certificate : sub specialist
Specialty : Vascular surgery and trauma School / place of work : School of Medicine
Email : ModagheghMH@mums.ac.ir

Educational background

Field of study / specialization Degree Year degree University / Institute
پزشکی عمومیدکترای حرفه ای1368دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز
جراحی عمومیپزشک متخصص1373دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شهید بهشتی
جراحی عروق و ترومافوق تخصص1376دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شهید بهشتی
فلوشیپ اندوواسکولار ایترونشنفلوشیپ1389

Career history

Role Name and address of service Start Date End date

Research Activities

Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis

Articles published in the journal

Row Usercode Title International Index Name Journal Year of publication Out at second article
1981437The Association of HLA-A, B and DRB1 with Buerger's DiseasePMCReports of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology1398مسئول
2981072Developing a National Guideline for Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up of Strokescopusمجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مازندران1397پنجم به بعد
3973799Molecular mechanisms regulating immune responses in thromboangiitis obliterans: a comprehensive reviewISIiranian journal of basic medical sciences1397دوم
4972740Investigation of affecting factors on early artery-venous fistulas failure in patients with less than 20 years old. medical journal of mashhad university of medical sciencesChemical Abstractمجله دانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد1396دوم
5972566Comparison of single port thoracoscopic sympathectomy and multiport thoracoscopy in patients with hyperhidrosisscopusمجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی زنجان1397دوم
6970524Endovascular Treatment of Thromboangiitis Obliterans (Buerger's Disease)ISIVASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY1396اول و مسئول
7962734Sympathetic Denervation Using Endovascular Radiofrequency Ablation in Patients with Thromboangiitis Obliterans (Buerger's Disease)ISIAnnals of vascular surgery1396مسئول
8961815Limb complaints after autogenous arteriovenous fistula creation in chronic hemodialysis patientsISISeminars in Vascular Surgery1395دوم
9953263Effect of Folic Acid therapy on Homocysteine Level in patients with Atherosclerosis or Buerger's Disease and in Healthy individuals: A clinical trial.PMCElectronic physician1395اول
10952590Role of Saphenofemoral Junction Ligation Combined With Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy in Patients With Venous UlcersISIANNALS OF VASCULAR SURGERY1392اول
11952587Review of Post-Carotid Endarterectomy ComplicationsISCjournal of patient safety and quality improvement1393اول
12952586Evaluation of trauma system in the pre-hospital approaches for patients with bullet trauma in MashhadSID/Iranmedex/Magiranابن سینا1392دوم
13952582Assessment of diagnostic criteria of incarcerated inguinal herniaسایر سایت‏های تخصصیمجله دانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران1378دوم
14952537Abdominal Trauma, a Study on 287 PatientsSID/Iranmedex/MagiranIRANIAN RED CRESCENT MEDICAL JOURNAL1382چهارم
15952536Primary torsion and idiopathic segmental infarction of omentumعلمی پژوهشی ایندکس نشدهMedical Journal of The Islamic Republic of Iran1376سوم
16952535Characteristics of trauma in North East Iran and the prevention strategiesISIARCHIVES OF IRANIAN MEDICINE1393اول و مسئول
17952534Calculation of probability of survival based on triss model in three hospitals in Tehran, 1996-97علمی پژوهشی ایندکس نشدهمجله دانشکده پزشکی، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران1379سوم
18952533Causes of death in traumatic patientsعلمی پژوهشی ایندکس نشدهمجله دانشکده پزشکی، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران1376دوم
20950767prognosis of carotid endarterectomy in high risk candidatesSID/Iranmedex/Magiranمجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی و خدمات بهداشتی درمانی شهید صدوقی یزد1395اول
21934577Digital pressure and oxygen saturation measurements in the diagnosis of chronic hemodialysis access-induced distal ischemiaISIJournal of Vascular Surgery1394اول
22932655Buerger's disease in the northeast of Iran: Epidemiology and clinical featuresISIVascular1394اول و مسئول
23932487Chronic hemodialysis access-induced distal ischemia (HAIDI): distinctive form of a major complication.ISIJ Vasc Access1393اول
24931904Authors’ ReplyPMCJ Cutan Aesthet Surg1392دوم
25931902اطلاعات بالینی و عوارض حین عمل بازسازی آئورت در بیماران دچار انسداد ائورتوایلیاکChemical Abstractفصل نامه افق دانش1391سوم
26924822Prehospital Management of Gunshot Patients at Major Trauma Care Centers: Exploring the Gaps in Patient CarePMCTrauma Monthly1392مسئول
28921801Balloon angioplasty for adults coarctation of aorta: A six months follow-up studyscopusInternet Journal of Cardiology1389چهارم
29921687Urban injuries in Tehran: demography of trauma patients and evaluation of trauma careISIinjury1380مسئول
30921580Drug abuse in hospitalized trauma patients in a university trauma care center: an explorative studySID/Iranmedex/Magiranدانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران1385دوم
31921540Effectiveness of Abdominal Wall Elevator in Reducing Intra-abdominal Pressure and CO2 Volume During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomyسایر سایت‏های تخصصیActa medica iranica1383سوم
32921126Evaluation of Survival Rate in Traumatic Patients Referred to Sina, Fayyazbakhsh and Shohada Hospitals Based on TRISS Methodscopus. Tehran University Medical Journal1379سوم
33921124Penetrating Trauma Victims in Three Tehran Hospitals, Sina, Shohada, Fayazbakhsh: Epidemiology and Management ErrorsscopusActa medica iranica1380دوم
34921093Preventable trauma death in Tehran: an estimate of trauma care quality in teaching hospitalsISIJ Trauma1382دوم
35921092One-year efficacy of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene vascular graft in eighty-three hemodialysis patientsISI. Urology Journal1383سوم
36921091The Comparison Of Characteristics Among Injured Pedestrians And Car Occupants (Tehran, 1996-97)SID/Iranmedex/Magiranمجله دانشکده پزشکی ، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران 13821382سوم
3791970Comparision of Vacuum‑Asisted Closure and Moist Wound Dressing in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot UlcersPMCJournal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery1391دوم
3891858The application of thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for the optimal management of hyperhidrosis and severe upper extremity IschemiaISIIran Red Crescent Med J1386اول
3991101Primary patency rate of native AV fistula: long term follow upPMCInternational journal of clinical and experimental medicine1391مسئول
4090780Primary Patency Rate of Native AV Fistula: Long Term Follow up Primary Failure/Vascular Accessسایر سایت‏های تخصصیGlobal Journal of Medical research1390دوم
4190171Primary omental torsion in an old woman: imaging techniques can prevent unnecessary surgical interventionsPMCCase reports in medicine1390اول
4289323Patency rate and complications of polytetrafluoroethylene grafts compared with polyurethane grafts for hemodialysis accessISI Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences 1389مسئول
4389311Serum Lipid Changes after Short Term SIPC Therapy for Lower Limb LymphedemaISIIndian Journal of Surgery 1389دوم
4489283Presentation of Hospital Outcomes and Different Treatment Methods of Patients with Budd-Chiari Syndrome: A Report from Two Tertiary Hospitals in IranISIMed Princ Pract 1389دوم
4589248Mycotic infections in diabetic foot ulcers in Emam Reza hospital, Mashhad, 2006-2008ISIJundishapur Journal of Microbiology1389دوم
4688591A case of Behçet disease with pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm: long term follow-upPMCEast Mediterr Health J.1388اول
4788006A newly designed SIPC device for management of lymphoedemaISI Indian Journal of Surgery1388اول
4887607Assessment of Carotid Endarterectomy in a Sample of IRAN Patientsindex copernicusARYA Atherosclerosis Journal1387دوم
4987593Assessment of carotid endarterectomy in iranSID/Iranmedex/MagiranIranian Journal of Neurology1387دوم
5087577Laparoscopic correction of peritoneal catheter dysfunctionscopusIndian Journal of Surgery 1388دوم
5187157بررسی میزان بقای فیستول های شریانی- وریدی با سطحی کردن ورید بازیلیک در بیماران مرحله نهایی کلیوی تحت دیالیز(Emro (IMEMRمجله دانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد1387اول و مسئول
5287056Safety evaluation of saffron (Crocus sativus) tablets in healthy volunteersISI Phytomedicine1387اول
5386559Thrombophlebitis migrans as a footprint of Buerger's disease: a prospective-descriptive study in north-east of IranISICLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY1386دوم
5486429Crocus Sativus L. (Saffron) Extract and its Active Constituents (Crocin and Safranal) on Ischemia-Reperfusion in Rat Skeletal MuscleISIEvidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine1388دوم
5586282عوارض و طول مدت بازبودن شانتهای پورتوسیستمیک در بیماران مزمن کبدی(Emro (IMEMRمجله دانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد1386مسئول

Papers presented at the conference

Row Usercode Title Congress Location Congress Type of offer In Congress Provider
1973889Designing a Minimum data set for venous diseases registry: A literature reviewدومین همایش بین المللی ثبت بیماری ها و پیامد های سلامتتهرانسخنرانی1397no

Books published

Row Usercode Title Year of publication Judging Type
11435management of the diagnose treatment and follow up in stroke guildline1395تالیف


Row Usercode Title Date of Register Registration number Names Creators

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