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ramin rezaee

in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 

Mashhad Medical Sciences
Mashhad Medical Sciences
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General information

Name and surname : ramin rezaee Research categories : research academic staff
Academic rank : Assistant Professor Last educational certificate : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Specialty : Toxicology School / place of work : School of Medicine
Email : RezaeeRA@mums.ac.ir

Educational background

Field of study / specialization Degree Year degree University / Institute
داروسازیدکترای حرفه ای1387دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد
سم شناسیدکترا (Ph.D.)1392دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد

Career history

Role Name and address of service Start Date End date

Research Activities

Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis

Articles published in the journal

Row Usercode Title International Index Name Journal Year of publication Out at second article
1983391Occurrence of mycotoxins in rice consumed by Iranians: a probabilistic assessment of risk to healthISIFood additives & contaminants. Part A, Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment دوم
3983327Hydro-Ethanolic Extract of Portulaca Oleracea Ameliorates Total and Differential WBC, Lung Pathology and Oxidative Biomarkers in Asthmatic RatsISIIranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research1398پنجم
4982813Etiology of Renal Replacement Therapy in IranPMCInternational Journal of Nephrology1398چهارم
5981556Cardioprotective effects of hesperidin on carbon monoxide poisoned in ratsISIDrug and chemical toxicology اول
6981400An overview of in vivo toxicological profile of thymoquinoneISIToxin Reviews دوم
7981324Protective Effects of Aminoguanidine against Sodium Metavanadate Induced Spatial Memory Retention Impairment in Morris Water MazescopusPharmaceutical Sciences1398پنجم به بعد
8981182Changes in Educational Approaches to Clinical Pharmacology Course at North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences: From Hospital to Pharmacy Skills LaboratoryISCآموزش پرستاری1397چهارم
9981161Sleep Duration and Risk of Atrial Fibrillation: a Systematic ReviewPMCJournal of atrial fibrillation1398سوم
10981030cumulative risk assessment of pesticide residues in different iranian pistachio cultivarISIToxicology Letters1398اول
11981015Berberine Alleviates Paclitaxel-Induced NeuropathyPMCJournal of Pharmacopuncture1398اول
12980803Behavioral and molecular effects of intrahippocampal infusion of auraptene, resveratrol, and curcumin on H-89-induced deficits on spatial memory acquisition and retention in Morris water maze.ISIHuman & experimental toxicology1398پنجم به بعد
13980756Therapeutic approaches for neonatal abstinence syndrome: a systematic review of randomized clinical trialsISIDARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences1398مسئول
14980458Risk Factors of Premature Coronary Artery Disease in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.ISIEuropean journal of clinical investigation1398پنجم به بعد
15980380Alpha‐linolenic acid ameliorates bronchial asthma features in ovalbumin‐sensitized ratsISIJournal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology1398پنجم
16980284Poisoning associated with the use of mushrooms: A review of the global pattern and main characteristicsISIFood and chemical toxicology1398دوم
17980048Coronatine elicitation alters chemical composition and biological properties of cumin seed essential oil.ISIMicrobial Pathogenesis1398دوم
18974120Risk Factor Patterns for Premature Versus Late-Onset Coronary Artery Disease in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisPMCThe Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal1397پنجم به بعد
19974086hepatoprotective effect of metformin: a new mission for an old drugISIEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY1398دوم
20973746Toxicological profile of Amanita virosa - a narrative reviewPMCToxicology Reports1397مسئول
21973404Rosmarinic acid affects immunological and inflammatory mediator levels and restores lung pathological features in asthmatic ratsISIAllergologia et immunopathologia1397چهارم
22973363Magnesium sulfate ameliorates carbon monoxide‑induced cerebral injury in male rats.ISIMolecular medicine reports1397اول
23972682Does granulocyte colony stimulating factor have protective effects against carbon monoxide-induced apoptosis?ISIBiologia1397چهارم
24972673Antidotes for aluminum phosphide poisoning – An updatePMCToxicology Reports1397چهارم
25972155Fenofibrate improves renal function by amelioration of NOX‐4, IL‐18, and p53 expression in an experimental model of diabetic nephropathyISIJournal of cellular biochemistry1397سوم
26971784determination of microcystin employing aptasensorISIBiosensors and Bioelectronics1397پنجم
27971607Phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of Pistacia vera var. Sarakhs hull and kernel extracts: the influence of different solventsISIJournal of Food Measurement and Characterization1397اول
28971430Cardioprotective effects of insulin on carbon monoxide-induced toxicity in male ratsISIHuman & experimental toxicology1397سوم
30971263Cytotoxic activity of the genus Ferula (Apiaceae) and its bioactive constituentsPMCAVICENNA JOURNAL OF PHYTOMEDICINE1397دوم
31971121The Effects of Allium Cepa Extract on Tracheal Responsiveness, Lung Inflammatory Cells and Phospholipase A2 Level in Asthmatic RatsISIIRANIAN JOURNAL OF ALLERGY ASTHMA AND IMMUNOLOGY1397چهارم
32971064?Pesticides and cardiotoxicity. Where do we stand?ISITOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY1397پنجم
33970920Risk assessment of exposure to aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A through consumption of different Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) cultivars collected from four geographical regions of IranISIEnvironmental Toxicology and Pharmacology1397اول
35970357Crocin improves renal function by declining Nox-4, IL-18, and p53 expression levels in an experimental model of diabetic nephropathy.ISIJournal of cellular biochemistry1397سوم
36970131Oxidative stress and kidney injury in trans-radial catheterizationPMCBiomedical Reports1397پنجم به بعد
37963764Safe use of chemicals by professional users and health care specialistsPMCBIOMEDICAL REPORTS1396پنجم به بعد
38963669Magnesium sulfate protects the heart against carbon monoxide-induced cardiotoxicity in ratsPMCResearch in Pharmaceutical Sciences1396سوم
39963220Altered Expression of MicroRNAs in Rheumatoid Arthritis.ISIjournal of cellular biochemistry1396سوم
40963124Potential Utility of N-acetylcysteine for Treating Mustard LungISICritical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression1396چهارم
41962882Oxidative Stress Induces Renal Failure: A Review of Possible Molecular Pathways.ISIJournal of cellular biochemistry1397سوم
42962023Neuro-Protective Effects of Resveratrol on Carbon Monoxide-Induced Toxicity in Male RatsISIPHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH1396پنجم
43961459Nanomaterial-based aptasensors and bioaffinity sensors for quantitative detection of 17b-estradiolISITRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY1396چهارم
44961438Anticancer and apoptosis‑inducing effects of quercetin in vitro and in vivo.ISIOncology reports1396مسئول
45961179Evaluation of the pharmacoeconomics of drugs used for the treatment of long-term complications of sulfur mustardISIITALIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE1396پنجم به بعد
46961109Health risk assessment of heavy metals via dietary intake of five pistachio (Pistaciavera L.) cultivars collected from different geographical sites of IranISIFOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY1396پنجم
47960891Protective effects of curcumin and vitamin E against chlorpyrifos-induced lung oxidative damageISIHuman & experimental toxicology1394پنجم
48960887Lead levels in children deciduous teeth are associated with parents’ education status and daily dairy consumption: An iranian experienceISIFARMACIA1395چهارم
49960886Anticancer effects of co-administration of daunorubicin and resveratrol in MOLT-4, U266 B1 and Raji cell linesISIFARMACIA1394پنجم به بعد
50960884Simulating real-life exposures to uncover possible risks to human health: A proposed consensus for a novel methodological approachISIHuman & experimental toxicology1396پنجم به بعد
52960509The importance of translatability in drug discovery.ISIEXPERT OPINION ON DRUG DISCOVERY1395اول
53960508Effects of luteolin and luteolin-morphine co-administration on acute and chronic pain and sciatic nerve ligated-induced neuropathy in mice.PMCJournal of complementary & integrative medicine1395پنجم
54960160Regulation of autophagy by some natural products as a potential therapeutic strategy for cardiovascular disordersISIEuropean journal of pharmacology1396سوم
55960076Curcumin: A potentially powerful tool to reverse cisplatin-induced toxicity.ISIPHARMACOLOGICAL RESEARCH1395اول
56954477Immunomodulatory effect of characterized extract of Zataria multiflora on Th1,Th2 and Th17 in normal and Th2 polarization stateISIFOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY1395پنجم
57952958Basophil mediated pro-allergic inflammation in vehicle-emitted particles exposureISIEnvironmental Research1395پنجم به بعد
58952618Curcumin: A new candidate for melanoma therapy?ISIINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER1395سوم
59952283cardiotoxicity of nanoparticlesISIlife sciences1395دوم
60951750Effects of resveratrol on carbon monoxide-induced cardiotoxicity inratsISIENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY1395چهارم
61942991Comparative trial of Aloe vera/olive oil combination cream versus phenytoin cream in the treatment of chronic wounds.ISIJOURNAL OF WOUND CARE1394چهارم
62942592Gastrointestinal effects of Nigella sativa and its main constituent thymoquinone: a reviewChemical AbstractAvicenna Journal of Phytomedicine1394چهارم
63941475Auraptene consolidates memory, reverses scopolaminedisrupted memory in passive avoidance task, and ameliorates retention deficits in miceISIIranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences1394پنجم
64940234The effects of Crocus sativus (saffron) and its constituents on nervous system: A reviewPMCAvicenna Journal of Phytomedicine1394چهارم
65940092Effects of silymarin on neuropathic pain and formalin induced nociception in miceISIiranian j basic medical sciences1394دوم
66935543Protective effects of flavonoids against microbes and toxins: The cases of hesperidin and hesperetin.ISILife sciences1394دوم
67934242Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of the Citrus Flavonoids Hesperidin and Hesperetin: An Updated Review of their Molecular Mechanisms and Experimental ModelsISIPhytotherapy Research1393چهارم
68934187Molecular mechanisms behind the biological effects of hesperidin and hesperetin for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseasesISILife Sciences1393چهارم
69934149Crocin Effects on Human Myeloma Cells Regarding Intracellular Redox State, DNA Fragmentation, and Apoptosis or Necrosis ProfilePMCJundishapur J Nat Pharm Prod.1393اول
70932895Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamase and Metallo-ß-Lactamase–Producing Uropathogenic Escherichia coliIsolatesISILabMedicine1393چهارم
71932057Neuropharmacological properties and pharmacokinetics of the citrus flavonoids hesperidin and hesperetin – A mini-reviewISILife Sciences1393چهارم
72930166Drimane-type sesquiterpene coumarins from Ferula gummosa fruits enhance doxorubicin uptake in doxorubicin-resistant human breast cancer cell linePMCJournal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine1393دوم
73925089Antigenotoxic activities of the natural dietary coumarins umbelliferone, herniarin and 7-isopentenyloxy coumarin on human lymphocytes exposed to oxidative stressISIDrug and chemical toxicology1393اول
74921990Cytotoxic effects of crocin on MOLT-4 human leukemia cellsPMCJournal of complementary and integrative medicine1392اول
75921643Safranal: From an Aromatic Natural Product to a Rewarding Pharmacological AgentISIIranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences1391اول
7691164Diversin, from Ferula diversivittata protects human lymphocytes against oxidative stress induced by H(2)O(2)ISINatural product research1391دوم
7791041Effect of Erythropoietin on Serum Brain-derived Biomarkers after Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in RatsISIIranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences1391سوم
7891025Determination of parathion, aldicarb, and thiobencarb in tap water and bottled mineral water in Mashhad, IranISIDrug and Chemical Toxicology1391اول
7991016Determination of heavy metals in different honey brands from Iranian marketsISIFood Additives and Contaminants: Part B: Surveillance1391پنجم
8090623Evaluation of nitric oxide or opioid receptors involvement in antinociceptive properties of silymarinindex copernicusAvicenna Journal of Phytomedicine1390دوم
8188177Evaluation of the analgesic effect of dextromethorphan and its interaction with nitric oxide on sciatic nerve ligated ratsPMCj acupunctmeridian stud1388سوم
8288002sesquiterpene coumarins from the fruits of ferula badrakemascopuspharmaceutical biology1388دوم
8387622Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Terpenoid coumarins from ferula Species ISIplanta medica1387سوم

Papers presented at the conference

Row Usercode Title Congress Location Congress Type of offer In Congress Provider
1974199Risk factors patterns for premature versus late-onset coronary artery disease in Iran: A systematic review and meta analysis2nd Community Medicine Congress, Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and controlتهرانپوستر1397no
2972439Effects of silymarin on neuropathic pain and formalin-induced nociception in miceنخستین کنگره ملی و نمایشگاه بین المللی گیاهان دارویی و راهکارهای طب ایرانی موثر بر دیابتمشهدپوستر1397yes
3963521Neuro-Protective Effects of Resveratrol on Carbon Monoxide-Induced Toxicity in Male RatsThe 14th Iranian congress of toxicolgyشیرازسخنرانی1396yes
4963520Effects of luteolin and luteolin-morphine co-administration on acute and chronic pain and sciatic nerve ligated-induced neuropathy in miceNutrition from laboratory research to clinical studiesمشهدپوستر1396yes

Books published

Row Usercode Title Year of publication Judging Type
1848A guide to medicinal plants: an illustrated, scientific and medicinal approach1392ترجمه
24821001 Ways to Stay Young Naturally1393ترجمه و تالیف
3241ABC of Diabetes1390ترجمه
41481Nonprescription drug therapy: guiding patient self-care1390ترجمه و تالیف
51478Natural toxins1391تالیف


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