محسن  علی اکبریان

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Mohsen Aliakbarian

in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 

Mashhad Medical Sciences
Mashhad Medical Sciences
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General information

Name and surname : Mohsen Aliakbarian Research categories : educational academic staff
Academic rank : Assistant Professor Last educational certificate : sub specialist
Specialty : General Surgery School / place of work : School of Medicine
Email : aliakbarianm@mums.ac.ir

Educational background

Field of study / specialization Degree Year degree University / Institute
جراحی عمومی-فلوشیپ پیوند کبدفوق تخصص1392دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز

Career history

Role Name and address of service Start Date End date
عضو هیأت علمیبیمارستان امام رضا (ع)1388/07/01

Research Activities

Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis
1951457بررسی ارتباط سطح بیلی روبین سرم قبل از عمل بر نتایج کوتاه مدت جراحی ویپل در بیماران مبتلا به تومورهای پری آمپولری مراجعه کننده به بیمارستان امام رضا(ع) طی سالهای 95-1392ExecutiveFinishedno
2950718بررسی نتایج جراحی ترمیمی بیماران دچار آسیب مجاری صفراوی به دنبال جراحی کوله سیستکتومی در بیماران ارجاع شده به بیمارستان امام رضا (ع) در بازه زمانی سال های 1392 تا 1395ExecutiveFinishedyes
3950435The predictive value of the metastatic/total lymph nodes Whipple surgery of patients with pancreatic cancer, one-year survival studyExecutiveFinishedyes
4941210ارتباط فاصله زمانی بین اتمام کمورادیوتراپی نئوادجوانت و جراحی با میزان پاسخ به درمان پاتولوژیک بیماران مبتلا به کانسر رکتومExecutiveFinishedyes
5940910Design of a Post Liver Transplant Care Model and Assessing its Effect on Patients’ Procedural Knowledge and self-reported Activation, Montaserieh Transplantation Center, Iran 2015ExecutiveFinishedyes
6940743بررسی میزان شیوع ابتلا به کیست هیداتید در خویشاوندان درجه یک افراد مبتلا به کیست هیداتیدExecutiveFinishedyes
7940647Study of serum substance P level and tissue distribution of NK-1 receptors in liver cancerExecutiveFinishedyes
8940069Evaluation of accuracy of sentinel node biopsy by 99mTc-Sodium phytate in patients with pancreatic cancer.ExecutiveFinishedyes
9931403Study of the effect of N-acetylcysteine use in University of Wisconsin preservative liquid to reduce reperfusion syndrome in liver transplantation in Montaserieh hospital of Mashhad and Namazi hospital of Shiraz in the years 1393-94 ExecutiveFinishedyes
10931391Study of the incidence of De Novo malignancy following liver transplant in Mashhad Montaserieh hospital and Shiraz Namazi hospital ExecutiveFinishedyes
11931236Evaluation of short-term results of liver transplantation in Montaserieh hospital between the years 2013 and 2014ExecutiveFinishedno
12931235A study of the effects of education with simulation approach and clinical education on knowledge and attitudes of nursing students towards organ donationExecutiveFinishedno
13930922Evaluation of survival and recurrence patterns in rectal cancer patients with complete pathological response to neoadjuvant ChemoradiotherapyExecutiveFinishedyes
14922901Evaluation of short-term results of pancreatoduodenectomy with extended lymphatic dissection in patients with periampullary tumors referred to Imam Reza hospital between the years 2013 and 2014ExecutiveFinishedno
15922900Comparison of the activity and tissue distribution of Thioredoxin Reductase enzyme in the tumoral tissue of pancreatic carcinoma with its cancer-free adjacent tissueExecutiveFinishedyes
1689927Use of platelets from a novel source for treatment of chronic woundsExecutiveFinishedno
1789883Evaluation relationship between the survival rate patients with the metastatic lymph node ratio in gastric cancer patientsExecutiveFinishedyes
1889351The effect of ascorbic acid administration on level of serum oxidative stress factors of patients with hepatic hydatid cystExecutiveFinishedno
1988709Study of the effect of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P) on the healing process of pilonidal abscesses after excisional surgeryExecutiveFinishedyes
2088673Comparison between lymphoscintigraphy images using gamma camera with a high – energy collimator and a low – energy collimator in patients with low grade breast cancerExecutiveFinishedyes
2188574Assessment of diagnostic value of Ex Vivo and in Vivo “Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy” in Staging of Colon CancersExecutiveFinishedno
2288530Assessment of Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Gastric Cancer using dye and Radionuclide gamma-probe guided techniquesExecutiveFinishedno
2388529Study the effect of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (P.R.P) in treatment of pilonidal sinuses after excisional surgery and primary repairExecutiveFinishedyes
24971540Reversal of spleen size and blood cell counts to normal after orthotopic liver transplantation in Montaserie hospital, MashhadColleagueContractsyes
25971003Evaluating the efficacy of C-Reactive Protein in predicting the response to medical treatment in patients with acute calculous cholecystitisColleagueContractsno
26951812تأثیر بکارگیری نظریه 'مدل سازی و مدل سازی نقش' بر پرورش تصویر ذهنی و تأمین نیازهای اساسی بیماران مبتلا به سرطان کولورکتالColleagueFinishedyes
27950995بررسی میزان حذف تومور با جراحی بعد از کمورادیوتراپی نئوادجوانت در آدنوکارسینوم های موضعاً پیشرفته پرگزیمال معده وارزیابی عوارض درمانColleagueFinishedyes
28950444comparison of sodan black staining with routin hematoxilin-eosin in diagnosis of macrosteatosis in donor liver frozen section biopsy in liver transplantation.ColleagueFinishedyes
29941792مقایسه رژیم لووفلوکساسین ، آموکسی سیلین و لانسو پرازولبا رژیم کلاریترومایسین و آموکسی سیلین و لانسوپرازولبر ریشه کنی عفونت هلیکوباکتر پیلوری معدهColleagueFinishedyes
30941320Evaluation of survival of patients with gastric cancer and some of its predictive factors at Imam Reza Hospital of MashhadColleagueFinishedno
31941176بررسی خصوصیات بالینی و نتایج درمانی موارد جراحی کیست هیداتید در بیمارستان های آموزشی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد طی سالهای 1393-1384ColleagueFinishedyes
32940423Risk factor for breast cancer in khorasan razaviColleagueFinishedyes
33940097Study of the effects of Albendazole therapy(before surgery) on viability of protoscolex protoscolexColleagueFinishedyes
34940066A Retrospective Study on Surgical Outcomes of Patients with Open versus Laparascopic Transhiatal Esophagectomy in Imam Reza Hospital between 2005 and 2016ColleagueFinishedyes
35931503Evaluation of outcome of treatment in pancreatic psudocyst in Mashhad university medical centers between 2006-2015ColleagueFinishedyes
36931327Evaluation of survival and recurrence patterns in esophageal cancer patients with complete pathological response to neoadjuvant ChemoradiotherapyColleagueFinishedyes
37930565In vitro analysis of T cells response induced by dendritic cells loaded with total mRNA of autologous cancer stem cells (CSCs) for immunotherapy of gastric cancerColleagueFinishedyes
3889007Assessment of the therapeutic results of patients with appendicular mass and determination of factors that affect the therapeutic response in conservative approachColleagueFinishedyes
3988830Determination of the diagnostic value of sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with papillery thyroid carcinomaColleagueFinishedyes
4088794Evaluation of the incidence of complications of lost stone during laparoscopic cholecystectomyColleagueFinishedno
4188682Comparison of lymphoscintigraphic drainage patterns before and after excisional biopsy of the breast lesionsColleagueFinishedyes
4288312Evaluvation of serum level of Prooxidant-Antioxidant Balance and CRP in patients with esophageal cancer and control groupsColleagueFinishedno
4388040Opioid abstinence induced perforation of the peptic ulcer; a comparison of the rate of postoperative complications related to perforated peptic ulcer among patients with history of abstinence therapy and non addicted patientsColleagueFinishedyes

Articles published in the journal

Row Usercode Title International Index Name Journal Year of publication Out at second article
1980849Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma and Fibrin Glue Decrease Pain Following Excision and Primary Closure of Pilonidal SinusISIAdvances in skin & wound care1398مسئول
2980489Tissue Distribution and Activity of Thioredoxin Reductase in Pancreatic CarcinomaISIMiddle East Journal of Cancer1398دوم
3974156Isolation and identification of chemotherapy-enriched sphere-forming cells from a patient with gastric cancer.ISIJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY1397چهارم
4973392The Study of Abnormal Liver Ultrasound Findings in Candidate Patients Undergoing Renal Transplantation from Brain Dead Donorsscopusمجله دانشگاه علوم پزشکی بابل1396مسئول
5972015Liver Transplantation for ‎Hepatic Alveolar ‎Echinococcosis: Literature ‎Review and Three New CasesISIinfectious diseases1397اول و مسئول
6972003Tacrolimus-induced Ascites after Liver TransplantPMCInternational journal of organ transplantation medicine1397مسئول
7972002Afibrinogenemia Acquired by Liver Transplant EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION دوم
8963838Which common test should be used to assess spleen autotransplant effect?ISITurkish journal of trauma & emergency surgery1396مسئول
9962228Metastasis of alveolar soft part sarcoma of the retroperitoneumto distal phalanx of handISCJournal of Surgery and Trauma1395دوم
10961001Liver Transplantation Using Graft From a Donor With Aplastic AnemiaISIProgress in transplantation1396دوم
11952972Alveolar Soft-part Sarcoma of the Retro Peritoneum: A Case Report and Review of the Literatureindex copernicusAcademic journal of surgery1395دوم
12952599Left-Sided Inferior Vena Cava Encountered During Organ Retrieval Surgery: Report of Two CasesISIINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION MEDICINE1395مسئول
13941031Denovo malignancy after liver transplantPMCExperimental and Clinical Tranplantation1394مسئول
14935310Effects of N-Acetylcysteine Addition to University of Wisconsin Solution on the Rate of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Adult Orthotopic Liver TransplantISIExperimental and clinical transplantation1396اول
15932563Transient and permanent hypoparathyroidism following thyroidectomyISIMINERVA CHIRURGICA1391مسئول
16932562Necessity of routine thoracostomy tube insertion after transhiatal esophagectomySID/Iranmedex/MagiranJournal of Surgery and Trauma1393مسئول
17932561En-Bloc Liver–Pancreas Transplant in IranISIArchives of Iranian Medicine1393مسئول
18931714Sexual function after Stoppa hernia repair in patients with bilateral inguinal herniaPMCMedical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran1393مسئول
19931713Prognostic Significance of Metastatic Lymph Node Ratio in Patients with Gastric Cancer: an Evaluation in North East of IranPMCIranian Journal of Cancer Prevention1393مسئول
20931712Investigating the Effect of Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma on Pain in Patients With Pilonidal Abscess Treated With Surgical Removal of Extensive TissueISIIranian Red Crescent Medical Journal1392دوم
21931710Ex-vivo Resection and Small-Bowel Auto-transplantation for the Treatment of Tumors at the Root of the MesenteryPMCInternational Journal of Organ Transplantation Medicine1393مسئول
22931501Multivisceral Transplantation for the Treatment of Intra-abdominal TumorsISITransplantation Proceedings1392مسئول
23931498A comparative study of the classic and piggyback techniques for orthotopic liver transplantationISCElectronic physician1392چهارم
24931175Sentinel node mapping in papillary thyroid carcinoma using combined radiotracer and blue dye methodsISIEndokrynologia Polska1393پنجم به بعد
25930856Clinical experience in organ transplant from the Shiraz Transplant Center: 2011ISIExperimental and Clinical Transplantation1391مسئول
26930855Multivisceral and Small bowel Transplantation at Shiraz Organ Transplant Center.PMCInternational journal of organ transplantation medicine1393مسئول
27930834Accuracy of prognostic and predictive markers in breast cancer on core needle biopsy compared with the excisional specimenISIBreast Care1393سوم
28930797Treatment of life-threatening wounds with a combination of allogenic platelet-rich plasma, fibrin glue and collagen matrix, and a literature reviewISIEXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE1393چهارم
29925046Conservativemanagement of asymptomatic hepatic hydatid cyst in pregnancy: our experience in seven patientsSID/Iranmedex/MagiranJournal of Surgery and Trauma1392اول
30922281Evaluation of the Incidence of Complications of Lost Gallstones During Laparoscopic CholecystectomyISISurgical Laparoscopy Endoscopy & Percutaneous Techniques.1392پنجم به بعد
31921347Reproducibility of lymphoscintigraphy before and after excisional biopsy of primary breast lesions: a study using superficial peri-areolar injection of the radiotracer.ISIRevista espanola de medicina nuclear e imagen nuclear1392سوم
3291204Is urinary 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid helpful for early diagnosis of acute appendicitis?ISIThe American journal of emergency medicine1391پنجم به بعد
3390794Efficacy of high-energy collimator for sentinel node lymphoscintigraphy of early breast cancer patientsISIRadiology and Oncology1390پنجم
3490720The Role of Nasogastric Intubation on Postoperative Gastrointestinal Function in Patients with Obstructive JaundiceISIIndian Journal of Surgery1390مسئول
3590423Is C-reactive protein helpful for early diagnosis of acute appendicitis?ISIActa Chirurgica Belgica1390پنجم
3690173Factors influencing the time of sentinel node visualization in breast cancer patients using intradermal injection of the radiotracerISIAmerican journal of surgery1390اول
3790064Celiac Artery Trunk Thrombosis Presenting as Acute Liver FailureISIJcpsp-Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan1390اول
3890034Spontaneous Aortocaval Fistula: A Case Report and Literature ReviewISIIranian Red Crescent Medical Journal 1390مسئول
3989592Study of the Radical vs. Conservative Surgical Treatment of the Hepatic Hydatid Cyst: A 10-Year Experiencescopus Indian Journal of Surgery1389سوم
4089353Uncut Roux-en-y esophagojejunostomy: A new reconstruction technique after total gastrectomyISIndian Journal of Surgery1389مسئول
4188443Seroma formation after breast cancer surgery: incidence and risk factorsscopusمجله دانشکده پزشکی، دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران1388سوم

Papers presented at the conference

Row Usercode Title Congress Location Congress Type of offer In Congress Provider
1972714Bronchobiliary Fistula: a rare complication after bile duct injury following laparoscopic cholecystectomyهجدهمین کنگره بیماری های گوارش و کبد ایرانتهرانپوستر1397no
2972259The Predictive Power of Preoperative Bilirubin for the Outcomes Following Pancreaticoduodenectomyسیزدهمین کنگره جهانی جراحی های هپاتوبیلیاری و پانکراسژنوپوستر1397yes
3960999liver transplantation using graft from a donor with aplastic anemia16th international congress of nephrology dialysis and transplantationشیرازپوستر1396no
4953751Advantages and disadvantages of evaluating the theoretical surgical knowledge of medical students with computer-based exam in the department of Surgery, Mashhad University of Medical Sciencesهفدهمین همایش کشوری آموزش پزشکی و جشنواره آموزشی شهید مطهریتهرانسخنرانی1395no
5953126Evaluation of thyroid dysfunction in breast cancer before surgeryInternational Istanbul Breast Cancer Conferenceاستانبولپوستر1395no
6950686Investigation the mortality of patients in organ transplant waiting list in Montaserie organ transplantation hospital of Mashhadکنگره بین المللی پیوند اعضاء و کنگره جراحی خراسانمشهدپوستر1394no
7950642Investigation the Cause of End Stage Renal Disease in Organ Transplant Waiting List in Montaserie Organ Transplantation Hospital Of Mashhad,2015-2016کنگره بین المللی پیوند اعضاء و کنگره جراحی خراسانمشهدپوستر1394no
8932565DOES ADDITION OF NAC TO U.W SOLUTION DECREASE THE RATE OF ISCHEMIA-REPERFUSION INJURY IN LIVER TRANSPLANT?The 14th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT)Istanbulسخنرانی1393no
9922177Efficacy of high-energy collimator for sentinel node lymphoscintigraphy of early breast cancer patientsدهمین کنگره آسیا اقیانوسیه پزشکی هسته ای و بیولوژیتهرانپوستر1391no

Books published

Row Usercode Title Year of publication Judging Type


Row Usercode Title Date of Register Registration number Names Creators

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