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Alireza Sabzevari

in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 

Mashhad Medical Sciences
Mashhad Medical Sciences
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General information

Name and surname : Alireza Sabzevari Research categories : research academic staff
Academic rank : Associate Professor Last educational certificate : sub specialist
Specialty : Anesthesia School / place of work : School of Medicine
Email : sabzevaria@mums.ac.ir

Educational background

Field of study / specialization Degree Year degree University / Institute
بیهوشیپزشک متخصص1384دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد
فلوشیپ بیهوشی کودکانفلوشیپ1390دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد

Career history

Role Name and address of service Start Date End date

Research Activities

Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis
1940479مقایسه ی ایروی سوپراگلوتیکi-gel با ماسک لارنژیال کلاسیک در کودکان تحت عمل جراحی با بیهوشی عمومیExecutiveThe Performanceyes
2931541Comparison between the two groups receiving anesthesia with controlled ventilation or spontaneous ventilation in rigid bronchoscopy in patients with foreign body aspiration in Sheikh and Ghaem hospitalsExecutiveFinishedno
3930347Comparison of two methods of teaching CPR (model / problem solving and lecture/ videos) on knowledge and practice of radiologic technology studentsExecutiveFinishedno
4910289Evaluation of Amino Acid Infusion Effect on Hypothermia during General Anesthesia In Hypospadias surgery In Pediatrics between 2 - 6 years oldExecutiveFinishedyes
5910155A comparison of effect volume of lidocainc 0.4% and lidocaine 2% on preventing propofol injection pain in childrenExecutiveFinishedno
6900878The effect of Etomidate on neuronal damage in Rat hippocampal formationExecutiveFinishedno
7951005comparison of caudal injection of bupivacaine and dexmedetomidine on erection and post operation pain in 6-36 month patientsColleagueThe Performanceno
8950796comparing effects of anesthetic agents ( sevoflorane ,propofol , remifentanil ) on brain damage biomarkers in 6-24 month babiesColleagueThe Performanceno
9950747بررسی رضایتمندی جراح در روش بیهوشی همراه با استفاده از شل کننده عضلانی نان دپلاریزان در مقایسه با روش بدون استفاده از آن در جراحی ترمیم فتق مغبنی در اطفالColleagueThe Performanceyes
10930819Assessing Sustained Attention in Anesthesia residents after a Night ShiftColleagueThe Performanceno
11930733low-dose bupivacaine with fentanyl for spinal anesthesia in opioid-dependent cesarean sectionColleagueFinishedno
12921923Evaluating the relationship of inflammatory response with shoulder pain after cesarean section by High-sensitivity C-reactive ProteinColleagueFinishedno
13921827Assessment the quality of data, recorded in mums's Hospital Information System and its application in medical research and educationColleagueFinishedyes
14920825Comparison of blood loss in inter-vertebral disc herniation surgeries using two methods of controlled hypotension and AprotininColleagueFinishedyes
15920252Comparison of two methods of continuous infusion and bullous intermittent administration of IV Ranitidine on gastric PH in patients admitting to the surgical ICUColleagueFinishedyes
16920220: Effect of intra-articular injection of midazolam and/or bupivacaine and or fentanyl on post operative analgesia after arthroscopic knee surgeryColleagueFinishedyes
17911231Comparison of High powerful magnet with the traditional repair by hand sew suture Intestinal anastomosis in ratsColleagueFinishedyes
18910981Complication of Apnea test in Confirmational Brain DeathColleagueFinishedyes
19910647The efficacy of Tranexamic acid in reducing blood loss in pediatric Hirshprong surgeryColleagueThe Performanceno
20900864Feasibility of suture less intestinal anastomosisColleagueFinishedyes
21900825Postoperative sore throat after laryngeal mask airway at cataract surgery: comparison among four groupsColleagueFinishedno
2289442Evaluation of apnea frequency and related factors in infants with post conceptual age bellow 60 weeks undergo inguinalhernia surgeryColleagueFinishedyes
2389105Evaluation of level of serum potassium during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) in pediatrics open heart surgery in emam reza hospitalColleagueFinishedno

Articles published in the journal

Row Usercode Title International Index Name Journal Year of publication Out at second article
1963532Laryngotracheal clefts (LC) as an Uncommon cause of Stridor in an infant: Case reportسایر سایت‏های تخصصیAdvances in bioresearch1395پنجم به بعد
2963485Controlled vs Spontaneous Ventilation for Bronchoscopy in Children with Tracheobronchial Foreign BodyPMCIranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology1396دوم
3962407Intraoperative Sonographic Guided Pull-through Anorectoplasty: A Novel Procedure for Imperforate Anus and Rectourethral Fistula: A Clinical Trial StudyISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1396سوم
4961897The effect of music on pain and vital signs of children before and after endoscopyPMCElectronic physician1396اول
5960635(Clinical and endoscopic findings of children hospitalized in Qa'em Hospital of Mashhad due to caustic ingestion (2011-2013PMCElectronic Physician1396اول
6953017Effect of Gastric Acid Suppressant Prophylaxis on Incidence of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Pediatric Intensive Care UnitISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1395دوم
7953015Frequency and Risk Factor of Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Efficacy of Gastric Acid Suppressant Prophylaxis in Pediatric Intensive Care UnitISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1395دوم
8952924Diagnostic value of performing endocervical curettage at the time of colposcopy procedure; a systematic reviewChemical Abstractreviews in clinical medicine1395دوم
9952923Efficacy of methylene blue for on vasoplegic syndromeChemical Abstractreviews in clinical medicine1395دوم
10952922Hypothermia and normothermia effects on mortality rate of cardiopulmonary bypassindex copernicusreviews in clinical medicine1394سوم
11952866Evaluation of Patients' Rights Observance According to Patients' Rights Charter in Educational Hospitals Affiliated to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences: Medical Staffs' ViewsPMCelectronic physician1395اول
12951008Thoracoscopic Esophageal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula Repair: The First Iranian Group Report, Passing the Learning CurvePMCJournal of Neonatal Surgery1395پنجم به بعد
13950924The relation between oxygen saturation level and retionopathy of prematurityChemical Abstractreviews in clinical medicine1395دوم
14950003Thoracoscopic Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia repair in neonate: The First Experience of Iranian Groupسایر سایت‏های تخصصیiranian journal of pediatric surgery1394پنجم به بعد
15943238Comparative Study of High Powerful Magnet with Conventional Repair of Suture in the Intestinal Anastomosis of RatsISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1394دوم
16942522The Effect of Ringer Lactate as the Priming Solution of Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit on Plasma Potassium Levels after Open Heart Surgery in ChildrenChemical Abstract International Journal of Pediatrics1394مسئول
17931613Anesthetic Management in a Child With Citrullinemia: A Case ReportPMCAnesthesiology and Pain Medicine1393مسئول
18931304“ Manually Ventilating Test” in Anesthesia Management in Children with Massive Anterior Mediastinal Masses Requiring Tracheal Intubation: A Case SeriesISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1393دوم
19930924A case report of anesthesia management in epidermolysis bullosaSID/Iranmedex/Magiranمجله انجمن آنستزیولوژی و مراقبتهای ویژه1384مسئول
20930819"Tie over ring” sutureless compression based gastrointestinal anastomotic method: experimental ratISIjournal of pediatric surgery1392پنجم
21930818Pathological Evaluation of Ganglion Cells in Biopsies from Upper Side of the Dentate Line in Patients with Perianal ProblemsISIiranian journal of pediatrics1393دوم
22930775Evaluation of the Effect of Amino Acid Administration on Hypothermia during General Anesthesia in Hypospadias Surgery on Children Aged 2 to 6 YearsISIInternational Journal of Pediatrics1393مسئول
23930500Effect of Lidocaine Volume and Concentration on Preventing Incidence and Severity of Propofol Injection PainISIIran Red Crescent Med J1392دوم
24930406Sufentanil Effects Administered Before the Induction of Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery on Mothers and Neonatesscopusمجله علمی پژوهشی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی بابل (ماهنامه)1393مسئول
25930069Comparison of Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA) with Inhalation Anesthesia in Pediatric Bronchoscopyindex copernicusInternational Journal of Pediatrics1392چهارم
26924043Case report: Secretory breast cancer in an 11-year-old girlISIJournal of Pediatric Surgery 1392پنجم به بعد
27923773General Anesthesia for Lumbar Puncture and Bone Marrow Aspiration /Biopsy in Children with CancerPMCIranian journal of pediatric hematology oncology1392مسئول
28923202Educational Needs of Nurses in Intensive Care Unit for Poisoned Patientsعلمی پژوهشی ایندکس نشدهPatient Saf Qual Improve1392پنجم به بعد
2991487thoracoscopic esophageal atresia repair made aesy: an applicable trickISIjournal of pediatric surgury1391پنجم
3085308بررسی نتایج بلوک ساب پوبیک در جراحی ختنه(Emro (IMEMRمجله دانشکده پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد1385سوم

Papers presented at the conference

Row Usercode Title Congress Location Congress Type of offer In Congress Provider
1950964Idiopathic childhood constipation : A somatic disease or a behavioral disorderThe 24th Congress of the Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons (AAPS2016)Fukuoka-Japanسخنرانی1395no
2940154Effect of oral anticholinergic therapy on prevention of urethral catheter side effects in hypospadias repair15th Congress of ISHIDفرانکفورتسخنرانی1394no
3933040Survey of BA student of general psychology of payame nor University of Mashhad’s vision about Hypnoticنخستین کنگره بین المللی هیپنوتیزم بالینی و علوم وابستهمشهد هتل پارسپوستر1391no
4930506Anesthesia related Complications in Pediatric GI EndoscopyInternational Congress of Updates on Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver DiseaseMashhadپوستر1393no
5922661Evaluating the Effect of Hypnotism on Social Acceptance of Studentsدومین کنگره بین المللی هیپنوتیزم بالینی و علوم وابستهمشهدپوستر1392no

Books published

Row Usercode Title Year of publication Judging Type
1198Neonatal & Pediatric Basic & Advanced Life Support1391ترجمه
2148neonatal & pediatric basic &advanced life support1391ترجمه و تالیف


Row Usercode Title Date of Register Registration number Names Creators

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