مریم  طایفی نصرآبادی

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maryam tayefi nasrabadi

in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 

Mashhad Medical Sciences
Mashhad Medical Sciences
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General information

Name and surname : maryam tayefi nasrabadi Research categories : research academic staff
Academic rank : Assistant Professor Last educational certificate : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Specialty : Statistics School / place of work : School of Medicine
Email : tayefim@mums.ac.ir

Educational background

Field of study / specialization Degree Year degree University / Institute

Career history

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Research Activities

Research projects

Row Usercode Title Role Status Thesis
1970815Evaluation of the matching percentage between research proposals and research priorities as announced by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences from 2008-2018ExecutiveThe Performanceno
2930692Modeling MASHAD Study (MAshhad Stroke and Heart Atherosclorotic Disorders Study) Data by Modern statistical MethodsExecutiveFinishedyes
3971623Evaluation of the efficacy of vitamin D on metabolic syndrome indices and inflammatory biomarkers in healthy adults with approach of of nano-encapsulated fortification in dairy products.ColleagueThe Performanceyes
4970611Determination of failure rate of treatment with meglumine antimoniate (glucantime) and its related factors in adults and children with cutaneous leishmaniasis in Mashhad based on prospective cohort StudyColleagueThe Performanceyes
5970609A triple-blind randomized clinical trial on the effectiveness of oral minoxidil in the treatment of women with Androgenetic AlopeciaColleagueThe Performanceyes
6970581Assesment limitations of tissue plasminogen activator in patients with acute stroke in emergency department of Ghaem Hospital in MashhadColleagueThe Performanceyes
7970516the effect of zinc and selenium co-supplementation on glycemic index and inflammatory/antioxidant bio markers in T2DM patients.ColleagueThe Performanceyes
8970504Investigating the frequency of breast arterial calcifications in mammography and its association with impaired glucose tolerance and hypertension among women referred to Imam Reza and Ghaem hospitals between June 2018 and September 2019ColleagueThe Performanceyes
9970462Crocin’s effects on pain and inflammation: A systematic reviewColleagueThe Performanceyes
10970408evaluation of quality of life ,recurrence and surgical complication in benign and malignant parotid tumor surgeryColleagueContractsyes
11970182Investigating predictive role of MicroRNA21 and the relationship between genetic variants in SCARB1 and CDKN2A / B genes with risk of cardiovascular diseaseColleagueThe Performanceno
12970133Effectiveness of Schema Therapy (Cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and experimental techniques) in Adherence to Diet and Heart Risk Factors in Cardiovascular Patients: The Mediating Role of Type-D Personality and Self-EfficacyColleagueThe Performanceno
13970117Association of dietary patterns and the resting metabolism rate with arterial stiffness markers among Iranian adults patients with cardiovascular diseases compared to healthy subjects in Mashhad studyColleagueContractsno
14961311anthropometric indices, cell health index and dietry patterns assesment in fatty liver and comparison with healthy subjects.ColleagueThe Performanceyes
15961287The evaluation of psychometric assessment food and nutrition literacy questionnaire in primary school children in MashhadColleagueThe Performanceyes
16961164Present Status of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis During Past 4 years in MashhadColleagueFinishedyes
17960284بررسی نقش بیومارکر rs1800629 در ژن tumor necrosis factor-alpha با ریسک ابتلا به سرطان سرویکسColleagueFinishedno
18960092بررسی سرواپیدمیولوژی عفونت توکسوکاریازیس در 1000 نمونه سرم خونی هایپرائوزینوفیلی و 1000 نمونه سرم نرمال در مشهدColleagueThe Performanceno
19951214مطالعه اختلالات آترواسکلروز قلبی-مغزی عروقی فاز دوم در شهر مشهدColleagueThe Performanceno
20950049The use of Data mining algorithms for determining the relationship between healthy eating index (HEI) and high sensitivity C-reactive protein () levelsColleagueFinishedyes
21950046The use of Dada mining algorithms for determining the relationship between healthy eating index (HEI) and depressionColleagueFinishedyes
22941861بررسی ارتباط بین ابتلا به هلیکوباکتر پیلوری،سندرم روده تحریک پذیر، عادات و الگوهای غذایی با شیوع کمبود آهن وآنمی فقر آهن در دختران نوجوان خراسان رضویColleagueFinishedno
23941811An Investigation about the Possible Relationship between the Blood Groups and Nutritional IntakeColleagueFinishedyes
24941784Investigation of the effects of combination therapy with curcumin and piperine on hepatic fat accumulation and metabolic disturbances in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseColleagueFinishedyes
25941684بررسی عملکرد HDL (HDL functionality) در ارزیابی بیماران قلبی عروقیColleagueFinishedyes
26941678Using data mining algorithm to assess the role of dietary intake and trace elements on response to vitamin D supplementation the role of dietary intake and trace elements on response to vitamin D supplementationColleagueFinishedyes
27941609بررسی ارتباط سندرم متابولیک و گروه های خونی مختلف در مردم مشهدColleagueFinishedyes
28941606Effects of curcumin on lipid profile and inflammatory factors in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromeColleagueFinishedyes
29941524بررسی شیوع کمبود ویتامین های A، E و D در دختران دبیرستانی شهرستان مشهد و ارتباط آنها با اختلالات قاعدگی و توانایی های ذهنی شناختیColleagueFinishedyes
30941337بررسی نقش پیش گویی کننده RDW در همراهی با اسید اوریک سرم در افراد مبتلا به فشار خون بالا (hypertension)ColleagueFinishedyes
31941293بررسی ارتباط متیلاسیون پروموتور ژن MGMT در پاسخ به درمان با داروی Temozolomide در بیماران مبتلا به سرطان گلیوبلاستوما (Glioblastoma) از طریق روشهای نوین داده کاوی (data mining)، طبقه بندی با ناظر شامل درخت تصمیم (decision tree)، و بدون ناظر (clustering) و همچنین متا انالیز (meta analysis)ColleagueFinishedyes
32941239بررسی اثر کورکومین بر سطح تری گلیسرید ناشتا در مبتلایان هیپرتری گلیسریدمیColleagueThe Performanceno
33940721Structural equation modeling for risk factors associated with hypertention with Bayesian approachColleagueFinishedyes
34940393Comparing decision trees and neural networks with logistic regression to identify risk factors related to diabetes and pre-diabetes in Mashhad, IranColleagueFinishedyes
35940247Investigation of predictive role of Cu, Zn ,SOD and 50 bp deletion in SOD gene promoter in cardio vascular diseaseColleagueFinishedyes
36922567Genetic polymorphisms influencing cancer cachexia and obesity: two faces of the same coin?ColleagueFinishedno

Articles published in the journal

Row Usercode Title International Index Name Journal Year of publication Out at second article
1981497An assessment of the risk factors for vitamin D deficiency using a decision tree model.MedlineDiabetes and metabolic syndrome1398اول
2981378The relationship between short stature and menstrual pattern in a large cohort of Iranian girlsISIJournal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology پنجم به بعد
3981344Rare P376L variant in the SR-BI gene associates with HDL dysfunction and risk of cardiovascular disease.ISIClinical Biochemistry پنجم به بعد
4981154Modeling the Risk Factors of Hypertension in 35-65 Years Old Individuals Using Logistic RegressionISCمجله دانشکده علوم پزشکی نیشابور1398پنجم
5981014Incidence and Risk Factors of Common Viral Infections among Renal Transplant Recipients during the First Year Post-Transplant in North-eastern IranMedlineSaudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation1398سوم
6980968Identification of factorial structure of metabolic syndrome variables among people within age range of 35-65 in Mashhad, IranISCنوید نو1398سوم
7980831Depression in adolescent girls: Relationship to serum vitamins a and E, immune response to heat shock protein 27 and systemic inflammation.ISIJournal of affective disorders1398چهارم
8980820Association of a genetic variant in the angiopoietin-like protein 4 gene with metabolic syndrome.ISIBMC medical genetics1398پنجم به بعد
9980814Is there any association between Serum anti-HSP27 antibody level and the presence of metabolic syndrome; population based case-control studyISIREVISTA ROMANA DE MEDICINA DE LABORATOR1398پنجم
10980424Oxidative stress and inflammation, two features associated with a high percentage body fat, and that may lead to diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndromeISIBioFactors1397اول
11974308Association Between Hypertension in Healthy Participants and Zinc and Copper Status: a Population-Based StudyISIBiological trace element research اول
12974283Dietary Intake and Its Relationship to Different Body Mass Index Categories: A Population-Based Study.MedlineJOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN HEALTH SCIENCES1397پنجم به بعد
13974125Inverse Associations of Overall and Abdominal Obesity with Plasma N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Iranian AdultsISCJournal of Nutrition, Fasting and Health1397پنجم به بعد
14974083Anemia is associated with cognitive impairment in adolescent girls: A cross-sectional surveyISIApplied neuropsychology. Child سوم
15974002Association Between Trace Element Status and Depression in HTLV-1-Infected Patients: a Retrospective Cohort StudyISIBiological trace element research1398اول
16973863Association of body mass index with serum calcium and phosphate levelsMedlineDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews1397چهارم
17973824Associations of vitamin D binding protein variants with the vitamin D-induced increase in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin DMedlineClinical Nutrition ESPEN1397پنجم به بعد
18973470association between serum zinc and copper levels and antioxidant defense in subjects infected with human T-lymphotropic virus type 1PMCJournal of Blood Medicine1397سوم
19973448The association of trace elements with premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea and irritable bowel syndrome in adolescentsISIEuropean Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology1397چهارم
20973408The effects of vitamin D supplementation on indices of glycemic control in Iranian diabetics A systematic review and meta-analysisISIComplementary Therapies in Clinical Practice1397پنجم
21973406Association of dietary patterns and the risk of metabolic syndrome among Iranian population: A cross-sectional studyMedlineDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews1397پنجم به بعد
22973318Systolic and diastolic blood pressure percentiles by age and gender in Northeastern IranISIJournal of the American Society of Hypertension1397اول
23973191A genetic variant in the Cytochrome P450 Family 2 Subfamily R Member 1 determines response to vitamin D supplementationISIClinical nutrition پنجم به بعد
24973078A comparison of body mass index and percent body fat as predictors of cardiovascular risk factorsMedlineDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews1397سوم
25973072Association of high level of Hs-CRP with in-stent restenosis: A case-control studyMedlineCardiovascular revascularization medicine1398پنجم به بعد
26973045Serum vitamin E as a significant prognostic factor in patients with dyslipidemia disordersMedlineDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews1397مسئول
27972789Identifying Factors Associated With Hypertension Using Structural Equation Modeling: A Population-Based StudyscopusIranian Rehabilitation Journal1397پنجم به بعد
28972660Comparing three data mining algorithms for identifying the associated risk factors of type 2 DiabetesMedlineIranian biomedical journal1397دوم
29972658Relationship of Dietary and Serum Zinc and with depression score in Iranian Adolescent girlsISIBiological trace element research1397پنجم به بعد
30972562Prevalence of combined and noncombined dyslipidemia in an Iranian population.MedlineJournal of clinical laboratory analysis1397سوم
31972313Relationship between platelet count and platelet width distribution and serum uric acid concentrations in patients with untreated essential hypertensionISIBioFactors1397اول
32971563High dose vitamin D supplementation can improve menstrual problems, dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome in adolescentsISIGynecological endocrinology1397پنجم
33971415Association between serum uric acid, high sensitive C-reactive protein and pro-oxidant-antioxidant balance in patients with metabolic syndromeISIBiofactors1397پنجم
34971181Depression and anxiety symptoms are associated with prooxidantantioxidant balance: A population-based studyISIJournal of Affective Disorders1397اول
35971065Association of rs6921438 A < G with serum vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in patients with metabolic syndromeISIGENE1397پنجم
36970808comparison of obesity and some cardiovascular risk factors between male employees of gas refinery, petrochemical plant, and non-industrial workplacesISCIranian Journal of Health Sciences1396پنجم به بعد
37970597A Comparison between Decision Tree and Random Forest in Determining the Risk Factors Associated with Type 2 DiabetesMedlineJournal of Research in Health Sciences1397دوم
38970312Hookah smoking is strongly associated with diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity: a population-based studyISIDiabetology & Metabolic Syndrome1397اول
39970204High-dose vitamin D supplementation is associated with an improvement in several cardio-metabolic risk factors in adolescent girls: a nine-week follow-up studyISIANNALS OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY1396پنجم به بعد
40970037Serum and dietary zinc and copper in Iranian girlsISIClinical Biochemistry1397پنجم به بعد
41964087Interaction between a variant of CDKN2A/B-gene with lifestyle factors in determining dyslipidemia and estimated cardiovascular risk: A step toward personalized nutritionISICLINICAL NUTRITION1396چهارم
42964086Nutrients intake and serum calcium and phosphorus levels: An evidence-based studyISIJournal of clinical laboratory analysis1396چهارم
43964042Evaluating of associated risk factors of metabolic syndrome by using decision treescopusComparative Clinical Pathology1396اول
44963635Assessment of the efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids on metabolic and inflammatory parameters in patients with schizophrenia taking clozapine and sodium valproateISIPsychiatry Research1396چهارم
45962779The prevalence of metabolic syndrome increases with serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein concentration in individuals without a history of cardiovascular disease: a report from a large Persian cohortISIANNALS OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY1396دوم
46962329An overview of FIGARCH and related time series modelsسایر سایت‏های تخصصیAustrian Journal of Statistics1391اول
47962080Higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome among male employees of a gas refinery than in their counterparts in nonindustrial environmentsISIAsian Biomedicine1396پنجم به بعد
48961685Serum high C reactive protein concentrations are related to the intake of dietary macronutrients and fiber: Findings from a large representative Persian population sampleISICLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY1396پنجم
49961287Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Serum Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines and Growth FactorsISIAMERICAN JOURNAL OF MENS HEALTH1396پنجم به بعد
50961254Depression and anxiety symptoms are associated with white blood cell count and red cell distribution width: A sex-stratified analysis in a population-based studyISIPsychoneuroendocrinology1396اول
51960764hs-CRP is strongly associated with coronary heart disease (CHD): A data mining approach using decision tree algorithmISICOMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE1396اول
52960670Abdominal and auricular acupuncture reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patientsISIComplementary therapies in medicine1396اول
53960233Depression and anxiety both associate with serum level of hs-CRP: a gender-stratified analysis in a population-based study.ISIPsychoneuroendocrinology1396اول
54954258Association of hematocrit with blood pressure and hypertensionISIJOURNAL OF CLINICAL LABORATORY ANALYSIS1396اول
55954227Association between Serum Glutathione Peroxidases and Superoxide Dismutases mRNA Level with Coronary Artery DiseaseChemical Abstracthealth1395پنجم به بعد
56953442Reduced Serum Levels of Zinc and Superoxide Dismutase in Obese IndividualsISIAnnals of nutrition & metabolism1395پنجم به بعد
57953148Association of a Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor genetic variant with Serum VEGF level in subjects with Metabolic SyndromeISIGene1395پنجم
58952987The Application of a Decision Tree to Establish the Parameters Associated with HypertensionISICOMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE1395اول
59952905Nutrient patterns and their relationship to metabolic syndrome in Iranian adultsISIEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION1395پنجم
60951060Serum high-sensitivity C-reactive protein as a biomarker in patients with metabolic syndrome: Evidence based study with 7284 subjectsISIEuropean journal of clinical nutrition1395اول
61950401Association of Age and Lipid Profiles with Measures of Renal Function in an Iranian PopulationPMCJournal of Dietary Supplements1395پنجم به بعد

Papers presented at the conference

Row Usercode Title Congress Location Congress Type of offer In Congress Provider
1971900Serum Anti-HSP27 Levels in Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia and healthy subjects in Iranian populationدهمین کنگره بین المللی و پانزدهمین کنگره کشوری ارتقاء کیفیت خدمات آزمایشگاهی تشخیص پزشکی ایرانتهرانسخنرانی1396no
2971898Investigation of the association between circulating antibodies to heat shock protein 27 and hypertension in patients without underlying cardiovascular diseaseدهمین کنگره بین المللی و پانزدهمین کنگره کشوری ارتقاء کیفیت خدمات آزمایشگاهی تشخیص پزشکی ایرانتهرانپوستر1396no
3970895Depression and aggression scores are associated with prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in adolescent girlsNutrition from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studiesمشهدپوستر1396no
4970325Factor Analysis of Metabolic Syndrome Variables in Middle Aged People in Mashhadاولین همایش سراسری تیروئید و سندرم متابولیکمشهدپوستر1397no
5963576Related risk factors of metabolic syndrome by using a decision tree algorithmNutrition: From laboratory Research to clinical studiesمشهدسخنرانی1396yes
6963575Associated risk factors of Isolated hypertriglyceridemia by applying a decision tree modelNutrition: From laboratory Research to clinical studiesمشهدپوستر1396yes
7963574data mining development in medicineNutrition: From laboratory Research to clinical studiesمشهدسخنرانی1396yes
8963572Prevalence of cigarette and hookah smoking in the MASHAD study cohort and its association with demographic and anthropometric factorsNutrition: From laboratory Research to clinical studiesمشهدپوستر1396yes
9963569Prevalence of Anemia and some of its associated risk factors in MASHAD cohort studyNutrition: From laboratory Research to clinical studiesمشهدپوستر1396yes
10962357Poor diet quality is associated with more severe depression symptomsتغذیه : از تحقیقات علوم پایه تا مداخلات بالینیمشهدسخنرانی1396no
11962037Plasma n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are associated with both overall and abdominal obesity in Iranian adults2nd International Conference on Food Chemistry and Nutritionونکوورپوستر1396no

Books published

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